Talk show or Family Show – Lekin

I had the misery of watching Lekin which was aired on 4th August 2012 and I have to say Sana Bucha once again proved that she is doing a splendid job as the family anchor of the Shareef family and as the party anchor of PML-N

First objection to the show,  Imran Khan asked “11 Questions” from Nawaz Shareef and he should be the one who should reply, but we were told that Salman Shebaz, his nephew is representing Shareef family, who is not even an MPA or MNA. Why? why we were not told where is Nawaz Shareef? Imran Khan stated clearly that he is asking the question to a man who was PM of Pakistan twice. By sending a non political person belonging to Shareef family to answer, PML-N proved that they consider politics also a family matter. These are serious allegations and Nawaz Shareef should come out of hiding and reply to people of Pakistan

I think the show was an opportunity for PML-N  to respond to Imran Khan “11 Questions” with some logic and give some clarification, but alas, all of the responses were rubbish and were vaguely around these lines :

  1. Forget about Raymond Baker, why should we care (duuh)
  2. If Hasan Nawaz UK business is illegal, write a letter to UK government
  3. If Jeddah Steel mills are illegal, write a letter to Saudi government
  4. If Shareef family is loan defaulter, write a letter to Pakistan government
  5. If Nihari is under cooked, ask Nawaz Shareef  (sorry, that is just my take on the responses)

Without going into details about the “responses”, I would like to point out at the time allocation and Sana Bucha body language while asking questions to “Shareef family” and PTI.

Salman Shehbaz was given around 30 mins to tell us stories about Heer Ranjha, Laila  Majnu, Ali Baba and Challis Choor, but not to give any answers. While the whole Pakistan was listening to this non-sense, Sana Bucha was smiling and not cross questioning from Salman Shabaz responses. I would not like any of you to go through watching that show again, but here is a screen grab of the smile and pride of Sana Bucha

On the other hand, PTI was represented by Andleeb Abbas and she was given around 8 mins and on top of that, Sana Bucha was speaking most of the time and didn’t let PTI representative to complete the answers. I could give benefit of doubt that show actually didn’t have much time left, but was it not possible to leave appropriate amount of time for the other party Sana? Moreover, while questioning PTI representative, Sana Bucha body language changed to that of PML-N family anchor and questions were asked very rudely. My objection is why bother getting a PTI representative in a family show when fair amount of time cannot be given to both parties? Sana Bucha confirmed via twitter that the show was actually for PML-N and PTI was given 10min just to be fair (and make the show “look like” a talk show )

In this confessional tweet also Sana Bucha trying to compare a kid of Shareef family with Imran Khan. Ms.Bucha being a family anchor of Shareef can make such comparisons in her illusions but majority of viewers think otherwise.

The question regarding personal life of Nawaz Shareef was “cleverly” avoided in the show, but it was repeatedly asked about Imran Khan personal life by giving references and glorifying it, again why? Why not be fair to both parties and cross question each rather than working upon “hidden agenda” of the show?

The credibility of Sana Bucha is already in question as last year she copied an article from the British newspaper ‘Economist’ to ‘The News’ of Pakistan and just changed the author name and published it as her own article. She hasn’t clarify this thing yet nor given any statement to deny to it.

As a TV show anchor, Sana Bucha tried her level best to make the show look like it is not a family show…Lekin failed miserably. My request to Sana Bucha, madam please do not insult common person intelligence by doing a family show and re-naming it as a talk show (just like you did with the article), you are a massive shame in the name of journalism and TV show anchoring and it’s better to find another job.

Sana Bucha TV show host tau hai…Lekin credible nahee hai



PS: Unlike your planted shows for the Shareef family Sana, no one asks me to write anything and no one can, I write on my own free will and will continue InshaAllah