Letter sent by PTI to the chief election commissioner

Letter sent by PTI to the chief election commissioner regarding misconduct of officials and misuse of state resources for politics

The Hon Chief Election Commissioner
Election Commission

IslamabadNovember 11, 2012Dear Sir,I am writing on behalf of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf to protest against misuse of state resources by the Punjab Government of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). I also want to bring to your notice the misconduct of government officials who are using their official positions on behalf of PML N.

Sir, while both the Federal and the Provincial governments have greatly enhanced their advertising budgets and are making full use of them to propagate their party line, the Punjab Government has crossed all limits of official propriety. For example half page advertisements are coming every day in newspapers placed by the Punjab Government extolling its achievements. On most of these ads a picture of Mr. Nawaz Sharif is displayed prominently. As you are aware, he has no official designation in the Punjab Government and has no right to appear in its ads. Similarly, laptops bought and paid for by the Punjab Government are being distributed by Mr. Hamza Sharif and Ms. Maryam Nawaz Sharif. They also do not have any official position in the Punjab Government. The display of Mr. Nawaz Sharifs picture in government advertisements and prominent role of Sharif family members in official events is a misuse of their position to further political aims of their party. In an election year, such a conduct becomes even more objectionable. You are requested to kindly take notice and initiate steps to ensure that these activities come to a stop.
Further, Sir, the conduct of some government officials working with the Punjab Government is also objectionable. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has been informed by media houses and newspaper editors that Mr. Mohiyuddin Wani, Secretary Information Punjab, a government employee, regularly calls newspapers and media houses to kill news of PTI activities. This amounts to political activity which is expressly forbidden to public servants. He, as all other state employees, are paid through taxes collected from all citizens and has no right to take a partisan role or indulge in politics. Sir, if this goes unchecked, this ‘disease’ will spread to other public servants. If this happens, it will be a complete negation of the code of conduct governing officials. You are requested again to kindly take notice and proceed against all government officials who are directly or indirectly taking part in politics.
Assuring you Sir of our highest considerationYours Sincerely,
Shafqat Mahmood
Central Information Secretary
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
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