An open letter to express tribune editors

Dear sir/madam,

I have been reading your publication lately and it has become evident to me that you are not performing your journalism duties with complete honesty. The news section, blogs and the op-ed section is full of anti-PTI campaign as everything that is wrong with Pakistan is because of PTI or Imran Khan. As a news publication, you are obliged to present the facts without distorting them and op-eds, which can disagree with someone point of view, but they should maintain level of decency and respect.

I would compare some recent news headlines in your publication with another highly reputed publication ‘Dawn’ and present my case.

  1. Imran Khan had hugely successful jalsaat Bahawalnagar (South Punjab) and the headline published in both express tribune and dawn were following
  2. After the press conference Imran Khan said that PTI will be launching a nationwide membership campaign and holding election as PTI has grown quite a lot. The headlines published in both express tribune and dawn were following

Yes, there were kids playing with pillows, but what is wrong with that and more importantly, why is that part of the headline?

Yes, Imran admitted that PTI got out of control and party had planned to launch membership campaign and intra-party election, which was the whole point of the press conference, but picking up only negative statements from Imran Khan’s to sensationalise a news item is very unethical way of selling news.

The list goes on and on how express tribune create sensationalism from Imran Khan’s speeches, I can go on for another two pages, but I guess I have stated my case with facts.

There was another rumour that was published about Shah Mehmood Qureshi leaving PTI, which was then discussed in talk shows for next 3 days, before SMQ himself has to come on TV and clarify that he is not leaving PTI. After this, how could one trust express tribune and its future predictions which come from their reliable “sources”?

Now, if I read your blog section, there is only one point of view represented about Imran Khan, and that is, he is a Taliban Khan. No matter what he says or does, your op-ed section will link him to Talibans. Even his recent cancellation of trip to India in protest of Rushdi was linked with Talibans and with Pakistan Difa Council, how absurd is that? Imran Khan has been against Rushdi since 1980s when his infamous book came out and he still maintains his stance.

I can give your editor a benefit of doubt as this can be bloggers personal point of view or the narrow prism of righteousness that you have placed for Imran Khan, but what about the hatred speech written by Saroop Ejaz about Imran Khan, where terms like ‘liar, mentally handicapped” were used? Is that how low express tribune is ready to go to defame Imran Khan?

I am sorry to say, nothing will happen to Imran Khan but reputation and credibility of express tribune will be compromised.

There is another growing concern that express tribune does not publish any replies or rebuttals to the blogs to counter allegations against Imran Khan. What are the justifications for this express tribune? Don’t you think that it is unfair if we only hear only one side of the story?

In the end, I would just like to state to express tribune editors that be fair and honest to your profession, otherwise history will not remember you with good name in coming years.

Kind Regards

An ordinary citizen of Pakistan