The lies and propaganda of scum liberals

This is in response to the article published in etribune in which Saroop Ijaz blatantly alleges Imran Khan as a liar for his policies regarding corruption and terrorism.

Throughout the article, the author doesn’t give any solid proof but just illogical statements like ‘it is impossible that he will get anywhere close to these deadlines in the best of circumstances’ or ‘a child of 10 having average intelligence should see through them’; as the author’s profile says he is a lawyer, I was expecting some evidence to prove his allegations, but all he comes up with is a twisted figment of his imagination.

1. Firstly, Imran Khan said 19 days in the PTI energy conference which was a slip of tongue, (and this is only highlighted by etribune and no other news channel reported it) he actually meant 90 days in which all policies and plans will be laid down to eradicate corruption and terrorism. Imran Khan never said that all corruption will be vanished within 90 days in all sectors of Pakistan, but top level corruption which happens at Ministerial level in form of kickbacks and commissions. According to Transparency International, this level of corruption stood at Rs 8500 billion in 4 years of your man of word Mr Zardari. This level of extreme corruption can be controlled by placing proper checks and balances and by improving the laws. Just to give you an example Mr Saroop, China, your neighboring country has some very strong laws if their ministers are found in corruption. This has resulted in near elimination of corruption in China and helped their country in a great way to achieve their economic goal. Can Pakistan government not pass similar laws to eradicate corruption? At the least, Imran Khan is the only one who is speaking against corruption and has a strong will to eradicate it; you can laugh as much as you like, but one day it will happen. 19/20 doctors also said that SKMH is not possible, but they didn’t say it is a lie?

2. Secondly, claiming that Imran Khan is a Taliban sympathizer is another twisted lie of you and your team of scum liberals. He believes in pulling out of this so called ‘war on terror’ (the war which was backed by your faithful team of scum liberals) by negotiating with local tribal elders through dialogues to eradicate Talibans from Pakistan. This is what he has said back in 2004, and 8 years onwards your lords in America are also in agreement with this. People in FATA have been living in peace with Pakistan since 1947 and it was only after 9/11 and drone attacks that their militancy started. UK has fought for 10 years against IRA and in the end they have to come to table to talk, do you think UK government was also an IRA sympathizer? So, if America is willing to talk to Talibans and open their office in Qatar, is America also a Taliban sympathizer? No, its common sense, people have issues; they talk and resolve those issues.

3.Thirdly, Imran Khan called only those journalists and writers who support drone attacks in Pakistan as “scum liberal”; as a liberal is a one who is pro humanity, not pro killing. George Bush and Tony Blair are involved with the killing of more than 1 million civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, but your beloved team of scum liberals never dare to write a thing against him, can you clarify why?

4. The author calls Imran Khan a “decent” cricketer and not “mentally handicapped”. This is totally uncalled for and just shows the maturity of the author and for that matter, the editor who has approved this post. As a cricketer, Imran Khan has brought world cup to Pakistan against all the odds and is regarded as one of the best cricketers of all the time. According to Tim De Lisle, a former Editor of Wisden, Imran would be the natural choice as skipper of an All-time World XI.  He is the ONLY cricketer in history to be world-class in two disciplines (bowling, captaincy), and of Test standard in third (batting). Imran Khan is also No.6 in ESPN list of the Greatest Players of all-time, and many feel he should have been in top 3. Hence, arguably the most complete cricketer in history. He is also an Oxford graduate, which is regarded as one of the top 5 universities of the world, but perhaps Mr Saroop intentionally or unintentionally miss the point and allege Imran Khan with such comments.

5. Lastly, Mr Saroop’s theory of triangulation is totally appalling and holds no solid ground, let me remind him that when Imran Khan founded the party back in 1996, it was purely for justice for all people of the Pakistan and gainst corrupt leaders, may be this video can remind him, when back in 1996 Imran was still speaking against Zardari and his corruption

He is not leaning left or right, its you and your team who are unable to criticize him on a one issue and you have come up with this theory.

The recent anti-democratic trend that you mentioned is also not true because a member of your team swears at Imran Khan to provoke PTI youth and then highlight PTI youth’s response in the media.

So, dear Mr. Saroop, please stop this biased propaganda against Imran Khan and come up with some good arguments and questions, as this time you will not be given free pass to character assassinate Imran Khan with lies and figment of your imagination.



15 thoughts on “The lies and propaganda of scum liberals

  1. You are really giving your part in PTI & Pakistan by writing such good things. I really appreciate your effort and quick response to baseless Tribune story(which is usually Fake).
    Good work Bro. We will bring change by supporting Imran Khan PTI.
    Give Peace a Chance – Give Imran Khan a chance.
    Thanks for your post again.

    Fawaz Qamar

  2. Great article Naveed bhai, I’d like to add that IK has always talked about declaring assets,if top level leadership has declared assets, there is no way in hell they will be able to get away with corruption.

  3. Another great piece of article you have written. Well done.
    But honestly, etribune has the worst writers. They seem to be unprofessional, biased and misinformed. Sometimes I think their articles are written by 15/18 yearolds, who write without any basis or reasoning. I usually skim through the articles and find their comments section more informative.

  4. I would like to add my rebuttal here, as ET refused to publish it, for obvious reason, we all know of but there’s an inevitable contradiction in Mr.Saroop’s article

    1. He claims that Imran khan is a taliban apologist, so therefore his lies are blatantly exposed, so may mr. saroop allow me to argue on his liberal doctrine, that didn’t US allow al-qaeda to set up their office in Qatar? Aren’t they now concluding their decade of war in afghanistan, in peaceful negotiations for the betterment of the region? so when Mr.saroop’s idealist country has now finally believe that violence begets violence, under what logic is he asking us to GO AFTER TALIBANS? Why can’t we GIVE PEACE A CHANCE – IS IT HUMANE TO KILL EVERY BEARDED MAN? You’re a lawyer and would agree that this logic is similar to that of a vague example given in law, that all blue eyed babies must be killed, are we on the same pursuit? If not then why can’t we give peace a chance for the BETTERMENT OF OUR OWN SAKE (BTW that’ll also protect your India) so why fear then? When PTI says that terrorism will be eliminated in 90 days, there’s nothing more overwhelming than this, or is it? You and I both are by end of the day victims of terrorism, not? 35000 us not american soldiers, you and I, so if one of the political parties has the courage to give such figures, when none of the rest have any mechanism to eliminate terrorism, then why not go with the one, which HAS, after all terrorism is a unanimous concern for all us, so has PML-N ever dropped any countering terrorism plans/mechanism, if so state so, or for that matter, PPPP.
    I think I personally know you, and also know your hardcore affiliation with PPPP, but perhaps you’re totally oblivious to ground reality, for a chance, go around markets/parks etc, ask people, conduct a mini self survey on AWAM’s reaction to PPPP and you’ll understand – what DEMOCRACY wants

    Democracy wants eliminating of terrorism: Your PPPP hasn’t been able to sort that out in nearly 5 yrs of their poor governance, just condemning isn’t enough, neither is it any SOLUTION, plus perhaps there has been more number of suicide attacks in this govt’s tenure in comparison to that of musharraf (only comparing for the sake of it, not supporting dictatorship)
    Democracy wants ROTI/KAPRA/MAKAAN: This needs no explanation, the results and pseudo deliverance is irrefutable
    Democracy wants an end to corruption: PPPP are themselves the pinnacle of one, how will they eliminate something part of their nature? (Read transparency report) and also read at what rank does Pakistan stand in regards to MONEY LAUNDERING
    Democracy wants an end to this energy crisis: 5 years,yet zero reforms, for that matter even PML-N’s open to suggestion crisis, was a joke (when they had nothing substantial) to come up with a solution

    You, if so then come up with a solution in your next article, if not, then go read PTIs mechanism to all these issues

  5. Many journalists in the Pakistani media have ties with the corrupt political parties and are trying their level best to keep the status quo, for their personal interests.

  6. Good piece of work naveed bro.. I read this article in the morning and was wishing to write him an email in response to his baseless allegations. This scum liberal issue was also taken up an anchor on cnbc yesterday and imran ismail sahab wasn’t responding to it like he should have. In the same interview that was given to an indian journalist which the anchor was quoting for this ‘scum liberal’ issue, IK had explained how one should differentiate between liberals and liberal facists. He gave the example of the same liberal western society who stood up against the bombing on iraq in 1990 and 2001. The million marches of london and germany are part of the history. Have we forgotten that these so called liberals, who IK said regularly attend evening parties with western ambassadors in the capital, have always been supporting the bombings on innocent civilians to amuse their western masters..these are liberal facists IK has identified in our society.

  7. Sorry dont agree. Everyone knows what PTI is upto now. Qasoori, Bhinder and jhagra kind of people have spoiled this party and IK is still not ashamed of it. If you want to delete my comments please do so but think about it first.

  8. Imran Khan is not only a Taliban (because he apologizes for them and justifies their crimes), he has also demonstrated on hundreds of occasions that he has no clue who or what we are fighting in Waziristan. The other tribals in Waziristan are ALREADY with us. The TTP has had to kill hundreds of rival tribal leaders to establish their control there. These people who routinely burn down girls school and hang people in the streets for spying have many negotiations and peace arrangements made with them which they’ve always violated. And most importantly Imran Taliban Khan lies through his teeth about the Drones. The VAST majority of those killed by Drones are terrorists. The drones have support from the people of Waziristan.

    There is no one who has done greater disservice to Pakistan than this *****. Not even the Jihadi generals who were hiding bin Laden.

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